Innovations in Agri-food Systems – International Trends (Journal of Innovation Economics & Management, 34, 1, 2021)

Special issue guest editors: Véronique Saint-Ges (INRAE, UMR SADAPT), Corinne Tanguy (AgroSup Dijon, UMR CESAER) & Delphine Thivet (Université de Bordeaux, UMR Centre Emile Durkheim), « Innovations in Agri-food Systems – International Trends », Journal of Innovation Economics & Management, vol. 34, n°1, 2021, pp. 1-5.


Contributions by: 

Stéphane Fournier, Blandine Arvis, Fanny Michaud, « Innovation in Origin-Protected Localized Agri-Food Systems: Are Individual Initiatives Always to Blame? Case Studies in Mongolia and Peru »

Casimir Gboko Kouamé , François Ruf, et Guy Faure, « Orchestrating a Multi-Stakeholder Supply Chain Network: The Case of Exporters in Cocoa Certification in Cote d’Ivoire »

Georgia Hadjipavlou, Irene Tzouramani, Christina Ligda, « Impact of Diverse Technical and Economic Factors on Sustainable Farmer Market Choices: The Case of Cyprus Sheep and Goat Milk Channel Choice »

Miltiadis Christopoulos, Georgia Ouzounidou, « Climate Change Effects on the Perceived and Nutritional Quality of Fruit and Vegetables »

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